Our WTF appointment really was 'what the fuck'!

We have been here 5 times, but never have I actually received the follow-up letter to the WTF appointment and said "what the fuck?!" to myself.

We are beyond disappointed with our clinic.  There's quite a lot you need to know that happened in our meeting compared to what the follow-up letter said.  Instead of writing a ten thousand word essay, I thought I would explain what happened in a video.

I just want to throw it out there that I have never said anything but positive things about our clinic and that this was such a shock for us.  We feel so let down right now but hope that once they receive our letter they will better understand out frustrations and provide some much-needed answers, an apology for the letter, and a response to our request for a goodwill gesture

IVF is a costly treatment and when you add the use of an egg donor, things start to get really expensive.  To have the result we did of so few embryos from a donor cycle was a shock.

Let's see what response we get.

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