WTF Appointment

Our 5th WTF appointment is going to be our hardest and toughest to date.  It doesn't just represent another failed cycle, it represents the end of our IVF journey for now and most of all, it represents a literal 'what the f*%k' happened with our egg donor cycle.  The cycle that offered hope, promise and a resolution to our failures.  It failed, massively.

To better understand why we are so upset, here is a comparison of our cycle when I was 37 compared to our egg donor cycle who was under 36.

We are free to discuss this information as no child has been created from this cycle.

E G G  D O N O R  C Y C L E

Eggs retrieved 11
Mature eggs 7
Fertilised 4
Day 3 Report 1/2
Result BFN

O U R  I V F  C Y C L E

Eggs retrieved 12
Mature eggs 9
Fertilised 7
Day 3 Report 4
Day 5 Transferred 2 & Frozen 2
Result Chemical Pregnancy x 2

Essentially, there are 5 times our egg donor cycle let us down compared to our own cycle as follows:
  1. Starting with a similar number of eggs and I had more mature eggs
  2. Almost double the amount of eggs fertilised compared to our donor
  3. At day 3 only 1 normal embryo with our donor compared to 4 8 cells using my eggs
  4. We had no guarantee of a blastocyst transfer with the donor eggs compared to a choice of 4 embryos with my eggs which resulted in 4 blastocysts at day 5 & 6
  5. We had 2 chemical pregnancies proving implantation occurred on both transfers of our own embryos and a BFN of 2 day 3 embryos with the donor 
That is 5 stages where the egg donor cycle failed us and we believe that the donor was pitched as being our option to:
  1. Guarantee  eggs Yes
  2. Better quality eggs No
  3. More blastocysts No
  4. Better implantation chances No
  5. Higher overall success rate No
The only promise our egg donor cycle kept was providing us eggs to start a cycle.  We believe we have been let down and we did not get a good response at all.

Our appointment is not for another month, but we intend to ask what their procedure is for such a  poor response using a donor.  It seems unreasonable to state the cycle was a success but unlucky when directly compared to our own cycle performed only at 50%.

I am curious to know what the clinic will say about this cycle's outcome.

Watch.  This.  Space.

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