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If you follow me on social media and that includes my Pinterest account, you will know I adore researching ideas.  I love having one place where all my ideas are together and it's just so visual which is just up my street.  I thought I would start sharing with you what I have been pinning this week.

- - - - - H O M E  O F F I C E  &  C R A F T  S P A C E - - - - -

After the failed IVF cycle, day 1118 (read this post if the day number does not mean anything to you) started with me clearing out the larger spare room.  It was being used as the laundry room and general dumping ground whilst it waited to be a nursery.  

Naturally, after the BFN, I decided I was not leaving a room with no purpose any longer and that we would make it an office.  We have 2 spare bedrooms and the other smaller room is my craft room, so I stole the desk and some of the furniture and made up an office in the should be nursery.  

It will be used mainly by Dean and means that I now have some gaps in my craft room.  So, I need to replace the desk which demands an obligatory trip to Ikea and ideas for a less cluttered work and craft space.  So, the pinning commenced on this board.  Here are some of my favourite finds this week on this board.

W I R E  B O A R DThis board is perfect for a mood board so I can pin my favourite photos, magazine clippings and to do project materials.

An idea from  At Number 43

H A N G E R S  | These hangers are just perfect to hang my current magazines so they are accessible and are relevant to the decor of the room.

An idea from Courage on Behance

C L E A R  D E S K  T I D Y  | The idea of a clean, minimalist, black and white desk sounds perfect for the blank canvas of creativity.  I adore the clear desk organiser to display the black stationery.

 An idea from Homeyohmy

Naturally, I am delighted that I can grab a new longer 2m desk from Ikea and I can change my working area with these few new and modern accessories to make it more 'me' for less than £70.

I can't wait to show you my before and after soon.  What are you pinning right now?

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