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I've never been one to do what everyone does. Favourites videos and blog posts tend to be made at the end of the month but I decided to write about my favourite things as I am enjoying them.  Let's jump straight in.

DARTMOOR | Waterfalls in the Moor

It is no secret I adore Dartmoor.  I have spent weeks there camping and in cottages, depending on the time of year.  I am always drawn to water on the Moor because it is crystal clear and can be found in so many places such as Dartmeet, Two Bridges and Postbridge.  I have never visited the falls in Dartmoor before and on our last visit, we went to both Canonteign Falls and Lydford Gorge.  The walks alongside the water made my soul happy.

GRAND THEFT AUTO | A gateway to friendship

I met Celeste online, we both have Youtube channels and got in touch by Instagram and we instantly connected and have become very good, close friends.  Celeste and I chat using Whats App which is a wonderful way to speak to friends across the world.  As we spoke, the fact I am a Grand Theft Auto fan came up and Celeste mentioned that her husband, Tim, who plays it too.  So now, we play online together and get to chat to each other.  Whilst Celeste and I chat about our IVF journeys, Tim tries to shoot me, badly.  I'm not perfect, but our last score was something like 27-3.  Love you, Tim!  I intend to speak to them tomorrow and I just can't wait to catch up and play.

SUSHI | Light and satisfying

When I just can't decide what to eat, Sushi always fills the void.  I love it and wish we had a sushi bar close by.  So for now, I am making do with Sainsbury's Fish Sushi packs and I adore it.

BLOSSOM | Pink everywhere

When you drive out of the street I live in there are 2 gorgeous blossom trees that cover an entire small green.  As you turn the corner and see them against the blue sky, they just make you smile.  Mum and Dad have a very similar blossom tree on a smaller scale which is equally as stunning.  Blossom means it really is spring!

FLOWERS | Candy to my eyes

My parents bought me some beautiful flowers and it reminded me of how I do not bring flowers into our house enough.  I have thoroughly enjoyed our living room being brightened up by these.

BUFFY | The Vampire Slayer

Ok, so it is not new, in fact, they are celebrating 20 years this year.  The point is, who does not like Buffy the Vampire Slayer?  We have binge watched all 7 seasons and are just finishing the series.  I've thoroughly enjoyed bad Willow and am sad to see the show end, again.

KATE MORTON | The Distant Hours

My favourite kind of book always encompasses periods in the past with the present, and Kate writes perfect stories that span decades and bring one era with another.  I loved The House at Riverton and The Forgotten Garden, but this book, for some reason, I struggled initially to 'get into' but now I am hooked just like the other books.  I am yet to read The Secret Keeper and The Lake House, but they are next on my list after this.  I am enjoying this book so much I find myself sadder the further I read as I know it will be over soon.

CARROT JUICE | Sweet & Refreshing

I love my nutribullet and often make green smoothies as they are my favourite kind to drink full of viatmins from the spinach, mango, banana and orange juice.  However, juicing carrots has changed my world and I love the sweet taste.  I now find myself wanting to make up lots of carrot juice combinations.

BLUE SKIES | Sunshine & Clouds

You do not realise how much you miss the blue sky through winter until it suddenly appears and you can't stop looking up.  There's been something wonderful about the past few weeks and the sky.  I have found myself being appreciative for the view and admiring the cloud formations.


I have to confess that I had 3 lamb burgers in 6 days when I was in Devon.  Mainly I can attribute this to the wonderfully cooked burger in a delicious broiche bun at The Old Inn, at Widecombe in the Moor where we ate most evenings.  I now have found myself wanting another already!  I need a local supplier of a decent burger or I need to make my own, soon.  I am a little over obsessed with this flavour combination.

What are your favourite things about April so far?

Take care,

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  1. I loved reading your ten favorite things Sam! AND hearing about your friendship with Celeste. I follow (&I adore) her! I am Grandma dorismarie...I see Google calls me DMB - that's me too!


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