50 dreams I want to achieve in 5 years

I have a few things dreams on my mind I would love to share with you.  I started making a list on my phone and decided when I posted on Instagram about it, that it is time to make an official list, committed to paper (well the internet) that I can check off.

When some things are achieved, it means other things might not be possible but the list serves as a series of plans dreams for different circumstances and I am extremely confident it will take longer than the 5 years I gave myself.  Let's see how I do.

So here are the 100 dreams I want to achieve in 5 years by 1st April 2022.  That sounds like so far away but I expect I will be reviewing this list sooner than I think.

  1. See a positive pregnancy test
  2. See a doubling beta HCG test
  3. See a 12 week scan
  4. Paint and furnish a nursery like a crazy first time mother
  5. Give birth using hypnobirthing techniques
  6. Adopt a child/children
  7. Foster children
  8. Create a new photography website 
  9. Work as a photographer full time 
  10. Update this blog's template (accomplished during the draft of this post)
  11. Get a BSc 
  12. Learn to play the piano
  13. Have a Disney watching weekend with my best friend
  14. Send a message in a bottle
  15. Learn sign language
  16. Go water zorbing
  17. Get another dog
  18. Drive the west coast of the USA
  19. Swim with dolphins
  20. Visit Australia
  21. Weekend in Vienna
  22. Spend Christmas in the snow
  23. Walk through a Lavender field
  24. Ski with Dean
  25. Dance at Sloppy Joes again
  26. Visit my cousins in Florida
  27. Eat tapas in Barcelona
  28. Party in Vegas
  29. Spend my 40th somewhere amazing
  30. Get a VW van and convert it to a camper
  31. Camp with a view over the sea
  32. Body boarding in Bude
  33. Eat dinner somewhere up high with a view
  34. Finish our garden plans
  35. Go night fishing 
  36. Write a story
  37. Reach my goal weight
  38. Cook the perfect curry and document it
  39. Get my Dad to write a current affairs political view blog
  40. Make the perfect office space
  41. Eat vegan 3 times a week as a regular habit
  42. Get a decent tan
  43. Use my new sewing machine
  44. Update my craft room
  45. Set a schedule to my blog posts
  46. Upload weekly videos to Youtube
  47. Start and complete an Annual Photography Project
  48. Budget one month eating for two on £50 only and document
  49. Read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy
  50. Grow runner beans
If I want to cross of runner beans, I need to start sewing those seeds this week!  Let's get gardening and doing the things we always want to do, but never 'seem' to have time for.

Take care,

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